Faces of Tokyo Cross

Our first trip to Japan was in February of 2017 for Tokyo CX. We fell in love, and return as often possible. In the process we have forged some life-long friendships, built a relationship with a wonderful business partner, Above Bike Shop, with whom we have shared countless meals and beers with his colleagues and family.
Photos: Chris Namba
Swamp - Bike and Sign painter at Above Bike Store
Karen - this kid lane splits Tokyo traffic better than you. 
Manabu AKA Schmitt CW - Frame Builder. 
JP - Bike Messenger, W-Base Rider and Trackcross race promoter.
Shinya - Owner of Above Bike Store
Yoshi - Single Speed Shredder
Kana AKA Keeenue- Artist. BMX city commuter.Coodie - Race Promoter / PsychopathYoung K - Can wheelie anything.Jasmin - French Canadian transplant
Marco - W-Base RiderToku - W-Base Employee
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