Squid Bikes is a rider owned company started in Sacramento in 2014.  We are united by an unshakable obsession with bikes. Cyclocross, mountain, road, commuting, BMX, or anything else with two wheels, we can't seem to live without them. 

Individuality, creativity, passion, and performance are the core values that drive Squid Bikes. 

Over the years we discovered that our favorite bikes were always the ones that we had "customized" with some spray paint, stickers, and/or a Sharpie. (Not surprisingly, these account for most of the bikes we own.) These bikes are our favorites because they don't look like everyone else's. They are playful, fun, they spark conversation with the dude you pull up next to a stop light. It would be nice to say that Squid Bikes was developed for some reasonable purpose.  We like an excuse to hang out, ride 'cross bikes by the river and dream about how to transform our wildest bike ideas into reality.  And think there are a bunch of other people out there just like us.  People that think the bike is more of them self than something they can just pull of the shelf.  


At Squid we want to create the opportunity for self-expression.  It's your bike, what do you want it to look like?

We pulled together our collective knowledge and resources to make each Squid Bike the type of machine that we have always dreamt of.  Squids are hand-welded locally in Sacramento, California by one of the best in the business, --Ventana USA.  The graphics packages are designed by our group of professional artists who grew up skating pools and racing BMX in the 80's,  Our bikes are also race proven UCI winning machines piloted by our favorite professional CX Racers across the country.  We hope you have as much fun riding them as we had making them.