Spray To Order


  1. Purchase your new Squid Frame or frameset and select Spray to Order as your finish. (Sorry, we do not paint other brands of bikes.)
  2. Download our Spray To Order form.
  3. Spend some time reviewing our Rattlecan Galleries: Full Builds / Framesets / Test Cans, to get an idea of which of our offered paint styles and colors you like. 
  4. You can find all of the paint colors noted on the order form on the Spray.Bike website.
  5. Fill out your Spray To Order form and email it to us sales@squidbikes.com
  6. Once we receive your frame order and completed order form, we will paint a test can in your prefered paint style and Spray.Bike colors and send you a photo of the can in an email for your review. If you decide you would like to swap or revise your design, we will paint up to three test cans.
  7. Once you confirm your test can, sit back and wait for your one-of-a-kind not-quite-professional quality spray painted frame to arrive.


A few other things of note: 

  1. It’s built into the whole concept, but it bears repeating: these frames are painted using spray paint! The finish quality will be imperfect. Generally, spray.bike is about a durable as other wet paint but the finish will not be as durable as an overseas factory paint job or a powder coated finish. 
  2. Turn around time on the frame depends on how busy we are and the time of year. When you send in your completed Spray To Order form, we will give you an idea of when to expect your new frame to arrive.
  3. On occasion, we will paint bikes using methods not on the order form. If you have something in mind, feel free to run it by us, but there will very likely be additional costs associated.
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