*Frequently Asked Questions*

How do I order a Squid, and how much will it cost?
Pricing varies depending upon the specifications you choose for your Squid. Choose your frame from the ‘bikes’ menu, select your size and if you would like it Spray-to-Order in house at Squid Bikes, or if you’d like the frame  as-is to paint on your own!

Im trying to place an International order but am having trouble checking out.

Do you not ship Internationally?
We do ship internationally to some countries, but with increased restrictions and import costs, we need to process those orders individually to ensure we are calculating up-to-date shipping costs. 

To initiate an international order, please email sales@squidbikes.com with the following information:

  • Name 
  • Full shipping address 
  • Recipient phone number for customs information
  • Frame Style and Size 
  • Your attached Spray To Order Form if we’re painting your frame for you!

How do I add a build kit or other parts/components to my Squid?
Some bike pages have a ‘suggested build’ section in the description, but we can also include individual parts or components you may need that may not be listed depending upon our inventory. As part of this service, we’ll also professionally install the parts you add to your purchase before your Squid is boxed up and sent your way!
To discuss options for a full or partial build after ordering, contact sales@squidbikes.com and we’ll happily create a build plan and pricing for you.

What does 'Spray to Order' mean?
We paint Squid framesets here at HV with Spray.Bike! Once you purchase your frame online, you’ll need to download our Spray To Order Form and send it to us at sales@squidbikes.com so we know what kind of design you’re after. 

Its a good idea to spend some time reviewing our Rattlecan Galleries: Full Builds / Framesets / Test Cans, to get an idea of which of our offered paint styles and colors you like. 

You can find all of the paint colors noted on the order form on the Spray.Bike website.

Once we receive your frame order and completed order form, we will paint a test can in your preferred paint style and Spray.Bike colors and send you a photo of the can in an email for your review and make any changes if necessary. More info here: SquidBikes.com/SprayToOrder

How long does Spray to Order take?
4-8 weeks from approval of test can, but this can be subject to change based upon how many orders are in the our queue and limitations we may face such as inclement weather that makes it difficult to produce optimal paint conditions, interruptions in our queue at headquarters, delays in parts or components you may add to your build, etc. We do our best to get you your Squid as soon as possible.

Can you paint a bike that is not a Squid?
No, but you can with Spray.Bike!

I want to paint my Squid myself! Are there tips for using Spray.Bike?
Yes! We have plenty of helpful resources for painting on the  ​​'Squidbikes.com/PaintTips page', and on the ‘How to use Spray.Bike Page’. If on the Spray.Bike site, sure to select the drop-down in the how-to menu; there are FAQs on how to paint, helpful technique videos, and troubleshooting tips.

The frame I want is out of stock in my size, when will it come back?
Some frames and sizes unfortunately won’t come back. We’re always developing new styles and builds, and timelines for when those become available varies greatly. The best way to stay in-the-loop about new frame releases is to follow us on instagram. We’ll provide updates and timelines as new batches of bikes become available! 

Where do I find sizing info and specs for each Squid?
The sizing chart, geo, and specs are all listed per frame style from the ‘bikes’ menu.

How do I know what size is right for me?
It’s hard to look at a chart of numbers and understand how it correlates to your specific height and build. We get it!

The best thing to do is to try and find a ‘geo sheet’ for the size and frame type that you know works for you already, and compare with the Squid you’re interested in so that you can select a similar fit.
If you have any questions, feel free to check in with sales@squidbikes.com. Helpful information to include with sizing inquiries can be your height, inseam, current bike model, year, and size that works for you, and any other relevant info to your sizing needs!

How do I work with Squid on a special project?
We’re always open to new ways to connect with our Squid fam! Feel free to check in with sales@squidbikes.com and we’ll see what we can do to help out.
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