Sacramento to Chico - The Dirty Route

We can't remember when we first came up with the idea to devise and ride a dirt route from Sacramento to Chico but we just couldn't shake the idea. Over the course of three years we spent hours examining Google Earth and scouting dirt roads. Goldilocks style, the window had to be just right - leave too early in the year and we run out of daylight, too late and we would fry in the Central Valley Summer sunshine. In celebration of our partnership with Sierra Nevada Brewing we set a date, rounded up a few friends and crossed our fingers for a tailwind. We were in for in for a big day and a bit of an re-routed adventure. 
Photos: Angel Perez
We started from Hours Vary with hopes to roll about 8 AM anticipating around 120 miles, 90% of which would be on dirt farm roads and single track. 
After weeks of a North wind, it changed directions that day, leaving us to battle a headwind for the entire ride.
A tour of Norcal Rivers. We started over the American River, rode up the Sacramento River for a bit and finished our route following the Feather River. Miles and miles of Central Valley rice fields kept the air humid.Always brake for turtles.6 of 8 bikes had one speed. A welcome site, the Squid Van met us a number of times along the route with water and snacks.A whole lot of nothing.Too many cooks in the kitchen? Or maybe just too much Anthony Clark on the front. We missed a turn a few hours in, adding about 8 miles to our day.Farm levees and drainage ditches provided public access roads.
Never not hot dogging.
Starting to really feel that headwind 80 miles in.A sharp 7 PM arrival. Everyone was cooked. Ready for burgers and a cold beer.Cheers! Thanks for the motivation Sierra Nevada! 
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