Dickies with a Chamois
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Dickies with a Chamois

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Cut-off Dickies have been our clothing of choice for Summer river shreds and beer stops for many years. And for many years we have fantasized about how they could be improved for our distinct purpose. We prefer adequate pockets for items including: wallet, phone, keys, multi tool, pump, small flask containing whiskey, a tall can of Olympia, handkerchief, large flask containing tequila, a king size candy bar and a bag of corn nuts*. (*it is not recommended that you attempt to fit all of these items in the "Dickies with a Chamois" at one time, but you're riding with a friend right?)
Problematically, no product exists that satisfies the above criteria so we took matters into our own hands.  You're welcome.
These re-purposed Dickies shorts come equipped with the following: 
  • Elastic pump pocket strap, to secure mini pumps during hard shredding.
  • Velcro-enclosed rear pocket for secure storage and access. 
  • 11” inseam length can be cut to length (some of us like to show more leg.)
  • Uni-sex Antimicrobial synthetic chamois.
  • Shorts are slim fit flex fabric, so they aren't too baggy but will still move with you.

*WAIST measurement is taken at the top of the hipbone over shirt (not over pants). Tape should only be held snug, do not hold tape tight. If measurements are between sizes, order the larger size.

**Measure yourself BEFORE ordering. We may not have correct sizes for exchanges and there is a re-stocking fee for exchanging/returning shorts.

Disclaimer: Product is official Dickies® brand merchandise, which has been modified by Squid.  Dickies is not associated or affiliated with Squid, and has not approved or authorized Squid’s modifications.