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This is the finish option nearest and dearest to our hearts. There's something special about riding around on a bike that's your own personal artwork. We have some great painting tips to help guide you though the process. We both use and recommend the bicycle specific Spray.Bike paint. Get creative: it won't be perfect, but it will be uniquely yours. ($0 + Do It Yourself)
Spray to Order
If you want us to paint your Squid frame for you we can definitely make that happen. We really like painting bikes, and we can help turn your ideas into a reality. Check out the Spray to Order page for details about process.

Sprayed n Ready
Take a look on our website and see if we already have the right bike for you. There may be a frame painted by a featured artist, or possibly a frame from a trade show that never was built up and ridden. And there's always the possibility we got extra creative in the paint booth and came up with something spicy on a not-our-size frame. (Prices vary)
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