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Paul Components 30th Anniversary

Photos: Angel Perez              

Sacramento Made Aluminum Squid Frames

Photos - Angel Perez               

Tracklocross World Championships 2019 - Japan

 Photos: Angel Perez              

Jingle Cross UCI World Cup, Iowa

Photos: Angle Perez    

Monday night Shred to Ed's

Monday Nights are for chilling. Once a week we host a shop ride from Hours Vary. We roll through the neighborhoods ou...

Sacramento to Chico - Year 2 Tracklograv Edition

No brakes. No gears. For the second year, we rode as much dirt as possible from our shop in downtown Sacramento to th...

Albany Bulb Tracklocross

The first Resistance Racing Tracklocross race of 2019 was held at the Albany Bulb in Oakland. To say this the track w...

Cyclocross World Championships - Bogense, Denmark

The Squid Squad has had an amazingly successful 2018/19 season. The 2018 Squid World Tour included UCI race in Aust...

Derby City - Cyclocross National Championships

Cyclocross National Championships were a really doozie. Heavy mud. Pitting every 1/2 lap. Running, lots of running.  ...

Maniko Japan

photos by Toshiki Sato

2018 Rapha SuperCross Nobeyama

Photos by Toshiki Sato
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