Alpha Studios - For Her. For them.

Newark natives, Kaishon Way of Alpha Studios and poet Jasmine Mans team up to honor the life of Breonna Taylor. They sat together to build upon the energy existing in the commonality that brought the two together, honoring Breonna Taylor. The duo sat together for hours to allow an organic partnership to evolve between the two. He brainstormed design ideas, while she harnessed the gravity of this senseless killing to string together prose that justly reflected her innermost convictions.

We provided the blank canvas for Kaishon to paint and he took the opportunity to raise awareness and, through a powerful mixture of visual art and the written word, highlight the oppression and exploitation of black women.

You can read more about the project and Kaishon's artistic process on his website

100% of the sale of the frameset will go directly to Kaishon and to Girls On Bikes, a organization who's mission is to build a generation of unstoppable women by curating safe and creative spaces for women to discuss the challenges they face while exercising in public. In doing so, girls are able to form a community amongst their peers to empower each other daily to be leaders.

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