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Shred To Ed's

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Do you remember summer?  It’s on its way bringing long, golden days and the promise of countless hours of well...  shredding with your friends.  As the dry season approaches, we are pleased to announce the development of a machine with all the trimmings of a nimble single track thrasher.  And the soul of a 12 year old.  Enter: Shred To Ed's
Grown-ass adulthood doesn’t preclude taping a baseball card to your chainstay and pretending to be a motocross racer.  In fact we may include said card and tape for just such a purpose.  
“Shred To Ed’s” (named for our riverside liquor store and frequent summer shred destination) was conceived and developed on the dusty, rolling single track that winds along our American River here in California’s capitol city. It is a BMX bike, all grown up.  With a rear disc brake, 26” wheels and all the loudly anodized components a child could drool over, this bike will eat up your favorite trails and still have room for beer, which is why you went out on that ride anyway… 
Pre-order coming soon.