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Product image 5ENVE CX Fork Spray to Order

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Want us to paint you a sweet ENVE cyclocross fork?  That’s awesome.  We want to do that too.  Here is how the "Spray To Order" paint program works:

  1. Check out the available options below, and think about what Spray.Bike colors you like.
  2. Select and purchase your "Spray To Order" style. 
  3. We will contact you by e-mail (or phone) to confirm details.
  4. Sit back and wait for your one-of-a-kind not-quite-professional quality rattlecan spray painted fork to arrive.

We have four different general design schemes to offer, and each can be created using any of the 48 colors of Spray.Bike. Or there is always Paint Job Roulette. We can add a Squid Logo to the frame if you like, or we are happy to leave it off if you prefer.

  1. Drip- This method produces a fork with wild, and unpredictable drip effects.  We have three layers of paint to work with: the base coat can include as many colors as you like in a haphazard fashion and the top one or two coats work best as a single color.
  2. TORN TAPE - This method produces a scheme with bold, eye catching configuration.  The edges between the color blocks are jagged, and the positioning of the color blocks will be done on the fly.  Between 3 and 6 colors is probably what you are looking for to make this work.
  3. STENCIL-  For this paint job we use repeating stencils of simple shapes to give a sloppy pattern like effect.  There will be some overspray and some poorly defined stencil edges due to the method, but we think this effect is part of makes this finish rad. So far we have lightning bolts, stars, circles, triangles, and squares.  Kind of boring we know, but complicated shapes don’t work well for this, so that’s what we got.  Still given enough color and repetition, the bikes come out looking anything but boring. A solid color base and 3-4 colors in shapes has worked well in the past, but there are more simple or more complicated schemes that would probably look pretty cool.
  4. FREESTYLE- For these designs we use a lot of found element stencils, torn tape, fades, etc.  Let us know what colors you want, and we’ll do the rest.   We don’t really know where we are going with a bike when we paint with this method, so you are just going to have to trust us.  Up to 5 colors is probably a good goal.
  5. PAINT JOB ROULETTE- You are fully trusting us to paint your fork anyway we like. It will come out rad. 
  6. ENVE fork is post-mount unless you tell us otherwise.


THE FINISH QUALITY WILL BE IMPERFECT:  It’s built into the whole concept here, but it bears repeating: these forks are painted using spray paint!  It’s absolutely excellent spray paint (we use Spray.Bike products exclusively), and we have gotten reasonably experienced using it, but these forks won’t come out looking like professional paint jobs.  There will almost always be some small imperfections, overspray, or other small blemishes.  Usually we don’t leave drips, but it’s possible.  With that said, if you are using the bike the way it is intended to be used, we won’t leave any screw ups worse than what you will do to in in the first few months of riding.  

THESE MIGHT TAKE A LONG TIME: We actually don’t know about this one, but it seems like a good warning to give.  After we receive your order, your fork will be placed in the queue, and then we will paint it as soon as we can.  We really like painting, so we expect to actually be fairly good at clearing the list.  However, we get really busy sometimes (especially during CX season) and there may be some delays.  When we email about details we can estimate this wait as well.  If it seems too long we are happy to give you your money back and tell you how best to DIYFS!

THESE WILL NOT LOOK EXACTLY LIKE YOU EXPECT:  We haven’t yet painted a bike that turned out exactly how we planned.  Halfway through most paint jobs there is some change that needs to happen, or some new idea that we only figured out because we were seeing how the bike progressed.  If you want something specific with your design, we will try and stay close to what you want.  But these will never be 100% made to order, and a little flexibility and willingness to accept surprise should be the plan going in.  If that doesn’t sound good, probably best to find a professional painter, or DIYFS!

OTHER SCHEMES ARE POSSIBLE:  We’ve done a whole bunch of masked bikes over the years, but left them off our current "Spray To Order" program for a number of reasons.  However, if you have seen something that you really want (banana bike, shark bike, monkey bike, dreamsicle bike, etc) let us know.  All those paint jobs are more intricate, and also can all be done really well by proper professional painters.  However, if you want us to take one of those on for you we will.  Additional charges, and possibly additional wait time will apply, but if that works for you we can probably make some pretty cool things happen.  Expect a few emails to get this dialed.

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