Some athletes have background stories of expected gradual progression, others more twists and turns, some so improbable as to become legend.  And then there is Anthony Clark. 

He learned at a young age to punch first and punch hard to fight back against being bullied in school for his high energy, small stature, and tendency towards yelling when overexcited.  Before long his energy had him in trouble as a teenager, with cars wrapped around trees and a few brief bouts in jail.  The legend of Anthony took its first abrupt turn when he found out that his girlfriend was pregnant.  He hasn’t been back to jail since, and his life immediately became refocused on creating a stable life which would allow him to be the best father he could be. That stability came in the form of two wheels. 

Problem was, he still has some energy to deal with.  This led him to pick up a bike and the second major turn in his story.  While out on a training ride in 2009, 4X National Cyclocross Champion Jeremy Powers noticed someone sitting on his wheel. Not that unusual, except that this kid was wearing jean shorts, riding a heavy and cheap bike, and also didn’t stop sitting on Jeremy’s wheel even while the champion was doing efforts at his threshold level of intensity.  After the ride, Jeremy tracked this mystery rider down, and found Anthony Clark. 

Six years later and Anthony has developed into one of the country’s premier cyclocross racers. With his long hair and copious tattoos he was nicknamed the "David Lee Roth" of cyclocross by race announcers and is known for outlandish twitter feed, his SWL (Sick What Lifestyle), and his huge heart. He was first nurtured and developed in Jeremy’s own development program, JAM Fund, and in 2015 stepped out onto his own with a professional contract racing for Squid Bikes.