Dickies Pants with a Chamois - 874

Product image 1Dickies Pants with a Chamois  - 874
Product image 2Dickies Pants with a Chamois  - 874
Product image 3Dickies Pants with a Chamois  - 874

Regular price $85.00

Same idea as the other Dickies with a Chamois, just pants. Cut to desired length.

Dickies 874 Pants.

These re-purposed Dickies pants come equipped with the following: 

  • Elastic pump pocket strap, to secure mini pumps during hard shredding.
  • Velcro-enclosed rear pocket for secure storage and access. 
  • 11” inseam length can be cut to length (some of us like to show more leg.)
  • Uni-sex Antimicrobial synthetic chamois

Disclaimer: Product is official Dickies® brand merchandise, which has been modified by Squid.  Dickies is not associated or affiliated with Squid, and has not approved or authorized Squid’s modifications.

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