What does one-gear, an affinity for the mountains, and an occasional 1:1 training-hours to beer ratio have in common? Squid rider Ivy Audrain lives by all three tenets. Continuing a long career of Professional Road racing (including some dabbling in track and XC), Ivy found her favorite disciplines in cyclocross and tracklocross, which naturally led her to find her family in the Squid Squad. Ivy's off-the-bike hobbies include sewing, collecting 'pain in the ass' rare indoor plants that eventually die, and working her unpaid-internship painting test cans at Squid Bikes. While focusing on UCI Cyclocross events, her strengths in balancing her goals in training with keeping riding fun mean we should expect to see Ivy have a long and fulfilling offroad career.

Follower her on Instagram: @ivyaudrain

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