Alpha Studios

Alpha Studios is a black veteran-owned, custom design service that offers bespoke bike finishes. Owned and founded by Kaishon Way, lead artist, Alpha Studios' mission is to promote individualism in every client. 

As an industrial designer by trade, Kaishon has always had a knack for transforming everyday objects into signature pieces. Over time, he developed a particular interest in re-working and rehabilitating items used for commuting and travel, bicycles being his main focus. His initial observations brought him to the realization that many people, including himself, were riding boring, generically painted bikes and that needed to change. 

Realizing there was a need for more nuanced graphical design and expression, Kaishon embarked on a journey to find a community of like-minded individuals, forming Alpha Studios along the way. Alpha Studios has its eyes set on pure creativity and continues to put out projects that shape its place in the local cycling community. 

Alpha Studios is happy to paint your Squid or personal bike using Spray.Bike. We ship your new Squid straight to his studio while you work directly with Kaishon and his team to design your dream bike. For more information on a one of a kind Alpha Studios Spray.Bike paint job contact Kaishon for a painting quote - 

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